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5 Different Types of Patches & How To Use Them?


Patches have been using for ages, but nowadays they are more in trend. Patches can give your dresses a new look instantly, it is too cool that how a small patch on your jacket or any plain shirt can enhance its look. You have unlimited choices in patches like you can choose any kind of logo, colors, designs, and shapes even you can customize your patch as well. Another interesting that about patches is that they can apply to any type of fabric. They mostly suit and add on cotton and denim fabric, but you can apply them on nylon, polyester, or leather as well. However, not all patches can apply to the same fabric, different types of patches need different fabric. We have enlisted some different types of patches that are used for different purposes.

Embroidered patches

Embroidered patches are the most common type of patch. You can find a wide range of variety of already prepared designs or you can easily customize as well. one the best thing about these patches are that they can easily apply on any type of fabric, but most often they on leather and denim jackets. These patches are relatively low in cost.

Woven patches

In woven patches, thinner threads are generally woven together. Usually, a thick thread is used in embroidery that does not give a fine look, woven patches are much more detailed as compared to embroidery patches. These patches would be perfect to use if you want fine detailing.

Printed patches

Printed patches are the new addition in the patches category. These patches include printing so there is a wide range of choices you can make like you can print a text, photograph, and any kind of design onto a piece of fabric.

PVC patches

PVC patches are pretty modern-looking patches. They are generally used for personalized designs. These patches can have a lot of detail since they are made up of plastic.

Chenille patches

Chenille patches are the most unique patches. A club, college, or team generally uses them for their representation by applying these patches on uniforms, sweaters, or jackets.