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Chenille Patches

Can you imagine a letterman jacket without chenille patches? Probably not and that is exactly the kinds of impact that chenille patches have over our fashion choices.

Along with acting as awards for students or athletes and attached to varsity jackets, custom chenille patches have the ability to add character, elegance and class to any garment or outfit. And we at Elegant Patches constantly try to outdo ourselves with innovation and creativity that is pertinent to good custom patches. And with our custom chenille patches, it is no different. Especially when it comes to custom letterman patches, our experts have ample experience creating custom letterman jacket patches that can elevate any jacket and add a level of class.

Not only do we provide excellent artistry pertaining the custom chenille patches and custom letterman patches. However, we also endeavor to please all our customers by offering a number of different creative options including chenille embroidered patches that are exceptionally popular now a days.

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You Imagine, We Create

At Elegant Patches, our chenille patch manufacturers are exceptionally skilled, talented and have ample experience with the entire process of making custom chenille patches. All you need to do is tell us what you would like on your custom chenille patch. Afterwards, it becomes our job to make it into reality. Furthermore, our professional designers will aid you through the process of creating the most beautiful and aesthetic patches. They will do this through utilizing various elements to better create your vision. Be it custom patches for letterman jackets or sports related designs, we are well equipped with the expertise to create perfection.

Why Us
Why Us

Base Material

With Elegant patches, you will have an array of choices regarding the base material and you can choose the one that best fits with your likes.

Backing Options

Our patches come with an arrangement of different options regarding the backings including pin backed patches, sew on patches and custom chenille iron on patches.

Boarders and Edges

In addition to various backing options, you will also get to decide the size, shape and the finishing of the edges. Be it embroidered edges or chenille through and through, we have your wishes covered.

The Delivery

The experts employed by our company are working day and night to make your visions into realities. And once they are done, we will not waste a second in delivering your artistic creativity to you.

Why Elegant Patches?

Time Delivery

As an established business ourselves, we are well aware of how precious time is. Therefore, we strive to create the best patches in the market and ship them out to our customer as soon as possible.

Premium Quality

We prize customers satisfaction, and you cannot achieve that through dealing in low grade items. At Elegant Patches, we can guarantee premium quality on all our patches. Our custom patches are aesthetic and stunning. Also they are durable and enduring because of their high-grade quality.

Free Shipping

For our beloved customers, we have made our custom chenille patches with no minimum order range. This means that, regardless of whether you make a bulk order, or just order a single patch, the shipping is going to be free.

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