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Trends You Need to Know in Embroidered Patches for Kids

The patches have become a fine choice for people who want to transform their boring clothes into edgy and fashionable pieces. One might believe that all patches are the same but they are not. That’s to say because there are woven patches vs embroidered patches. Truth be told, both these patches are incredibly different and we have even lined out the differences. Let’s check out woven patches vs embroidered patches!

Woven Patches

To be straightforward, woven patches are the ones completed by stitching the design with threads. These threads are stitched on the fabric piece. The woven patches are made by using the thin threads as it’s used in the woven labels. The thin threads will not only offer precise and clean lines but also offers tight weaving. As a result, the patch will have intricate details in the embroidery and will have a flatter outlook.

Generally, oven patches tend to be thinner and streamlined (they look as they are printed!). The best part of a woven patch is that the production process and material are precise, so you can make well-designed patches. These patches can be added to the clothing pieces without adding a bulky feeling. With this being said, the woven patches made with thinner threads tend to be versatile. The woven patches are usually designed with 100% polyester and thin thread promises detailed finishing.

In simpler words, if you have to make a complicated embroidery design, opting for a woven patch will be a great choice. Even more, there are no raised threads and will feel flat. Generally, it has a thinner and lightweight appearance. On the contrary, the woven patches with satin borders or merrowed borders might feel raised.

Embroidered Patch

As compared to woven patches, embroidered patches are made by lacing the threads into each other. These embroidered patches are stitched densely because the embroidery threads will be heavier. As a result, the embroidered patch will be thick while offering a 3D appearance. On top of everything, embroidered patches offer the lift. The embroidered patches are suitable for people who don’t need to make intricate details on the patch or don’t have to make texts.

In simpler words, the embroidered patches will look classic. The embroidered patches are made through the rayon thread as it tends to have a thicker configuration. With embroidered patches, you can spread your fingers on the patch and feel the differences in the stitching. All in all, the embroidery patches have a denser and in-depth appearance.