Chenille Patches

chenille patches

Chenille Patches

What would be a letterman jacket without unique chenille patches? Well, this is just the beginning…

The enchanting, exquisite, and stunning custom chenille patches don’t just show your accomplishments, rather they echo the brand philosophy and elegance. The custom chenille patches are ideal for classy, simple, and elegant designs. And while the most common type of chenille patches represents the accomplishment or involvement, these classy patches carry a lot more weight than what may appear on the outside.

Elegant Patches offer businesses and individuals the perfect opportunity to get themselves unique, high-quality, and exquisitely designed chenille patches, which alleviates the individual or business connection to a whole new level.

Custom Chenille Patches – Imagination is the limit!

With Elegant Patches at your side, your imagination is really the limit, even we can help you with that… Our professional designers are fully committed to helping you create the most aesthetic and stunning chenille patches using various elements helping you to achieve your vision.

custom chenille patches
Here’s the simplified process to get your custom chenille patches done with Elegant Patches:

Base Material

Choose the perfect foundation that’s closer to your desired look and feel


There’re plenty of backing options for you to choose from. Our designers can also assist you to choose the best backing option for your chenille patches

Broder & Edge

Let your imagination fly and design any custom shape of your patches, while also deciding the finishing of the edges.

Get it delivered

Once you are done choosing your option, leave it to our expert designers, and digitizers to create the most exquisite custom chenille patches and have them delivered to you on time.

Why Elegant Patches?

Fast turnaround

We understand the anxiety of businesses to receive orders delivered on time. Well, with Elegant Patches, you can be sure to receive your chenille patches delivered right on time, guaranteed!

Quality Guarantee

At Elegant Patches, we are proud of our commitment to keeping up with the highest quality standards and we like to keep our legacy going.

Free shipping

All chenille patches are delivered free of cost across the United States. So, you don’t pay a dime more to receive your order.

Work Samples

Chenille Patches We’ve made

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