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7 Ways to Use Embroidered Patches for Halloween 2022

7 Ways to Use Embroidered Patches for Halloween 2022

Embroidered patches can be used as décor for every festive holiday, and October is a great time to get your patches made for upcoming occasions.

First up, Halloween. With the spooky holiday just around the corner, you need to get your last-minute preps in order. Have you ordered your Halloween-themed patches yet?

This is the holiday to test your creativity and imagination. No idea is a crazy idea; you can go all out with artwork for costumes, party décor, and gifts. Embroidered patches are an innovative way to add some pizzazz to your Halloween décor.

Here are some ideas to include embroidered patches for Halloween 2022 decorations:

1. Use As Party Invites

Need to create a unique invitation to your Halloween party? Forget the same old computer-printed cards, and go for some patchwork.

What makes an embroidered patch a great addition to an invite? First, it shows your commitment to the occasion and your efforts to make it memorable for invited guests. Check out great ideas to design custom made patches to create your own unique Halloween art.

Additionally, embroidered patches can be a great keepsake for everyone; add a removable patch on your card (attach it with a pin or Velcro) so that your guests can keep these for their own use. You can also employ the invitation patch as a club stamp and ask every invitee to wear theirs if they want to be granted entry into your party. Fun, huh?

2. Turn These Into Wall Hangings

Love placing strings of cutouts on your walls for spooky season? You’ll love this idea even more—patch hangings!

Sure, cutouts are easy and fun—but you can't get multiple colors or any depth in paper cutouts as you can in embroidered patch hangings. When buying embroidered patches, you can opt for booing ghosts, creepy spiders, jack-o-lanterns, witch hats, and a ton of other creative artsy designs.

Get some inspiration from the internet, or ask your patch manufacturer for their previous samples for inspiration. String these together and post these up your walls for a unique decorative addition to your Halloween party.

3. Add to Picture Frames

Have you got a few empty frames lying around? How about adding a beautiful Halloween-themed patch to each of these for this festive month? You can reuse these every year for Halloween for a cheery feel of the season in your home. Embroidered patch tables and wall frames also amp up the aesthetics in your place if you're having guests over on Halloween night.

When it comes to picture frames, you can go for simple scary artwork, funny Halloween-themed designs, and even quotes for embroidered patches for Halloween 2022. Embroidered patch quotes are a creative and innovative way to fill up your empty picture frames and get in the spirit of the holiday.

4. Make Embroidered Keychains

Need a few keepsakes of your fantastic time during the fall season festivities? How about embroidered patches for keychains?

One of the many advantages of embroidered patches is that these can be any size you like, even small enough to go on keychains and badges. So, as you hang your patches on your walls, hang em' onto your keys too. Embroidered patches can be made as small as 1"x1", which means you can easily get cute, scary customized artwork onto a keychain as a memento of the occasion or even as giveaways at your party.

Note: Embroidered patches are stitched by interlacing yarns on a backing, and smaller patches may not be able to accommodate a complex design. For more intricate artwork, we suggest placing an order for a minimum size of 2"x2" patches to make the final products look clearer and more attractive.

5. Add To Tablecloths, Pillows & Cushions

If you're one of those people who love to decorate every nook and cranny for the Halloween season, patch up your household linens!

Embroidered patches can be sewn on or ironed onto your sofa or bed cushions, added to the special tablecloth you keep for parties, or even added to towels to delight any guest who goes for a wash-up at your party. Embroidered patches look elegant and have an almost 3-Dimensional feel, so why not get a bunch of spider-embroidered patches for Halloween 2022 party to startle your guests?

6. Patch Up Your Costume

Embroidered patches are intended for clothes and will surely level up your costume.

Planning to go as loud and bright as possible this Halloween? Add themed patches to your jacket or shirt. Opt for a simple tee with a front lapel patch if you want a no-fuss getup. Patches can be ideal for character-inspired outfits, sych as a Hogwarts house patch for plain black robes or a superhero symbol for a Marvel or DC-inspired costume. You can also get police or firefighter logo patches for a uniform costume. Go for cartoon character artwork for kids' Halloween apparel and more.

You can also include your costume hat/cap/beanie or bag for adding embroidered patches for Halloween 2022.

7. Hand Out As Treats Or Favors

Colorful patches are delightful, and who won’t love these as a giveaway at a party or a bonus trick-or-treat gift?

You can get embroidered patches designed for kids and adults as gifts. For kid’s trick-or-treat handouts, you can go for any famous scary character from children's movies or just any favorite character right now. Hand these out with the candy for a nice surprise.

For adults, you’ve got a plethora of options: get a standard ghost or pumpkin embroidered patch, go for a favorite character from a scary or thriller Netflix series, or take it up a notch and get in some puns or memes into your embroidered patches. The only limit is your imagination!

Patch Your Way Into Halloween

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