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How To Order Your Thanksgiving Patches

How To Order Your Thanksgiving Patches

With Turkey Day less than a month away, holiday cheer is upon us. And with great cheer comes the great responsibility to plan the Thanksgiving meals, gifts, invitations, and of course, the décor.

There are many creative ways to decorate your home for Thanksgiving to make the occasion more joyful. One of these ways is custom patches. Patches aren't just for varsity jackets and uniforms; you can get festive patches for various holidays, for your own home, or for your office.

Let’s get started. Time to plan some patches to give thanks!

How To Choose The Right Thanksgiving-Themed Design

The ideas for this holiday’s patches are limitless. The theme is simple enough; you can go for artwork with turkeys, pilgrim hats and coats, pumpkins and pies, cornucopia, and so much more.

When you order your Thanksgiving patches, the key to a seamless experience is to keep the design simple; complex designs are harder to understand and may cost you more. If you’re going for custom chenille patches, a smaller number of colors will result in a more precise and vibrant design.

Picking Out Your Thanksgiving Patch

You'll find different kinds of patches. Choosing the right type of patch depends on what you want to use it on and how you want your final product to look.

Embroidered Thanksgiving Patches

These patches are the top choice for holiday-themed patches. Embroidery patches look elegant; you can showcase many colors and patterns in one piece. Additionally, you can opt for different kinds of threads for the border and lettering, such as metallic or neon threads. The final result is attractive and gives off a 3-dimensional look.

Custom embroidered patches are perfect on both clothing and accessories, as well as for home décor. These will also look great for Thanksgiving-themed logo patches for employees in a retail chain or other kinds of stores to delight the shoppers and get everyone in the holiday spirit.

Chenille Thanksgiving Patches

Chenille patches are another great option for Thanksgiving décor. Chenille patches have a towel-like exterior, and the artwork that is converted into this kind of patch looks quite prominent. Therefore, when you order your Thanksgiving patches, you can get them in larger sizes for decorating pillows, cushions, towels, tablecloths, and other home linen products for the Thanksgiving feast. Chenille patches also look amazing on jackets and jeans, as well as accessories such as badges and keychains.

Sublimated Thanksgiving Patches

Dye sublimation is a process where the ink is transferred onto a mesh backing in lieu of colored threads sewn onto the backing like embroidered or chenille patches. Why is this kind of patch great for holiday patches?

For one, you can choose an intricate design and get a great final result. The colors are printed onto the patch, which is why the limitations of colors and patterns are not an issue. Additionally, you get a durable patch; the colors on a sublimated patch last long, so you can easily reuse your décor for multiple Thanksgivings without worrying that the design might fade.

PVC Thanksgiving Patches

Order your Thanksgiving patches for keychains, badges, caps, hats, beanies, and bags. PVC patches look great and are easy to clean. However, these may cost you a bit more since the process of making personalized PVC patches involves first making custom molds to shape the material into.

Leather Thanksgiving Patches

Leather patches are not standard in holiday patches, but these look refined, nevertheless. You can opt for leather patches for artwork for Thanksgiving Day celebrations at a club. These patches look great on jackets, jeans, and headwear.

The patch you choose is up to you, but if you're looking for advice, we'd say go for embroidered, chenille, or sublimated patches for Thanksgiving. These are ideal for décor and adding some pizzazz to your clothing and accessories.

Backings for Your Turkey Day Patches

Choose from three kinds of backing options when you order your Thanksgiving patches:

Sew-on Patches: These patches are un-backed. In other words, there are no adhesive-like additions. The best way to add these patches to your clothing is through professional stitching, especially if we're talking branded pieces. Sew-on patches are great for Thanksgiving-themed apparel and home décor. If you want patches for temporary use, look into the other two backing options.

Velcro Patches: Also called hook-and-snap patches, these are ideal for uniforms. We’re talking limited edition patches for a company event or services such as police or firefighters. Instead of spending a fortune and getting new T-shirts/vests/jackets for different holidays, you can get Velcro patches for occasional/festive business wear.

Iron-on Patches: Custom patches with iron-on backing have the kind of adhesive layer activated by heat. These are easiest to apply; however, taking them off may be a hassle. If you want temporary patches just for the season, then Velcro is the stress-free choice. Iron-on patches are popular for clothing such as T-shirts, jackets, hoodies, and jeans.

How To Order Your Thanksgiving Patches Online

Online patch manufacturers have a larger scale of operation and the resources to give you great-quality patches at reasonable pricing. The process is pretty simple:

  • First, submit your artwork. If you don't have your own, scour the internet for turkeys, pumpkins, and other Thanksgiving-themed images. You can also browse through your manufacturer's gallery for inspiration.
  • Reliability is the key to making the whole experience a fun one when ordering custom patches online. Look for past work, reviews, delivery time, and pricing to choose a patch manufacturer you can trust.
  • Choose your material and backing when you ask for a quote for your Thanksgiving patch design. Look for incentives such as reasonable cost, no-minimum order limit, and bulk discounts.

Once you’ve placed an order, you’ll get a sample of your holiday-themed patch. You can make adjustments where necessary (depending on how many you’re allowed). The delivery time for your custom patches depends on the quantity and complexity of the design. Certain patches take more time, such as PVC patches, so make sure you place an order as soon as possible to get your beautiful patches ready before the feast!

Elegant Patches For An Elegant Thanksgiving Day Celebration!

We know holiday-themed patches. Get in touch with Elegant Patches and get your order started today!