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How to Make Embroidered Patches with Sewing Machine?


The very popular embroidery patches are in trend again. You can find these patches everywhere from denim jackets to pretty sneakers, old jeans to shoulder bags, even international retailers are widely using them.
These patches are usually created by embroidery machines, but they can be easily made by using a sewing machine as well, let's find out how to make embroidered patches with a sewing machine

Arrange the thing you required for sewing a patch

The very basic thing you need to do is gather all the necessary items that you may require to make an embroidery patch. Now you may wonder what things will be needed. So you need a sewing machine, any fabric of your choice, embroidery needles and floss, fusible interfacing, and pencil. Once you arranged your required things, then start by ironing a fabric on which you have to make a patch.

Strengthen the fabric before stitching

You have to carefully choose the fabric while creating a patch with a sewing machine. Make sure that your fabric will not be stretched or wrinkled. You can also use fusible interfacing on top of the fabric which adds extra strength to the part where the patch has to be made.

Trace the Design

Once you are done with the basic ammunition. Now you are ready to trace the design on the fabric. It is suggested to use a pencil or any type of washable pen or marker for tracing to avoid any kind of stain. Do not forget to attach the fabric to the hoop and keep it tight as much as possible before tracing the design.

Set the Sewing Machine

Now it’s time to set the sewing machine and create a patch. Here are a few steps you have to follow to avoid any mess.

  • First Slide the fabric under the machine foot.
  • Lower a feed-dog so the fabric won't move or pull during the process.
  • Adjust the stitching width, it depends upon your design you selected.
  • In the end, let your sewing machine run in back and forth motion and create its magic.

Now you are well aware of how to make embroidered patches with a sewing machine. Finally, your patch is ready to use. You can place it on any of your favorite shirts, jackets, or pants.