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Assorted Iron On Patches - Make Your Style More Versatile

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Iron-On patches are a great way to revamp your old and boring clothes. It is easy to apply, you only have to clean the fabric, place the patch on the selected area and press iron over it. You can also fix them to hide stains and any small tear to extend the life of your favorite apparel. Whether you are looking for patches that standouts or blend in, iron patches will fulfill your both requirements.

The best thing about iron-on patches is that they are inexpensive and a lot cheaper than buying a whole new outfit.

If you don't like prepared patches then do not worry the customization option is available, you can always get yourself a custom-designed patch in any style, shape, and color. Only you have to be careful with the quality of the as low quality can easily detach after some time, while a well-qualified patch lasts longer and give your cloth a fine look.

To help you with a selection of right patch that adds value to your style we have enlisted some assorted iron on patches.

1. Augshy Patches

Augshy assorted iron on patches are one of the best types of iron-on patches made of polyester/ cotton blend. These patches can be cut into any shape or size. They are easy to apply, durable, machine washable, and doesn't leave a stain on clothes when removed. They usually come with 29colors in a single pack that makes color matching much easier.

2. RipGrip Patches

Rip-grip iron-on patches are considered as High quality embroidered patches that immediately enhance the look of your apparel or accessories. These patches are created with thick thread embroidery to give them a traditional appearance. Twill border is stitched around the edges that make it more durable and stronger. They are best to feature any colorful images, fun, and slogans.

3. ZEFFFKA Denim Patches

These patches are specially designed for denim fabric. If you want to give a new look to old and ripped jeans then these patches will work great. These patches are available in four denim shades from which you can choose accordingly. They are easy to apply and wash.

4. Libiline Assorted Styles Patches

Libiline assorted iron on patches are a unique type of iron-on patches featuring amazing designs in various styles and sizes, including the design made of sequins and metallic threads. They need to be stitched with a hand as well to ensure a stronghold. There are various options available for everyone.

5. Singer Mending Fabric

These are plain white color patches that are generally used to mend a tear or hole. These are made of durable blended polyester/cotton to give your fabric a smooth finish. They are easy to apply and iron.